I'm a CS graduate student at the University of British Columbia (UBC). My supervisor is Jim Little and I'm interested in deep learning, video understanding, and reinforcement learning. Previously, as a research engineer at Aspiring Minds Research Labs, I worked on automatic grading of computer programs, in terms of their functional correctness, stylistics, and runtime efficiency (link). Also, I'm a recipient of the prestigious KVPY fellowship (mentored), awarded by the Government of India to encourage talented students in research.


ML-India: ML-India is an initiative to promote research and collaboration among machine learning practitioners. As part of ML-India, I interviewed both industry and academic ML practitioners [Links - 1, 2, 3], started the ML-India Chandigarh chapter, and organized meet-ups [Links -> 1, 2, 3]. I was also a part of the team which took the first initiative to teach data science to kids [link].

Community and opensource: During my undergraduate, I was an active member of the University's computing society (CCS) and served as Joint Secretary [link]. Also, I was active in the Ubuntu open source community where I maintained the touchpad-driver package and served as a member of the Bug Triage team [link]. At UBC, I helped set up and maintain the webpage of the computer vision lab [link].